Frugaa: Find big savings with coupons

Frugaa’s website may look like it’s from the mid-90s, but it doesn’t function like that. According to their website, they have over 40,000 coupons available, over 9,000 free shipping offers, and the average user saves a whopping $28 each time they use Frugaa.

Like most of these sites, you can search by merchant or category to find the discounts you’re interested in. What’s unique about Frugaa, though is their Savings Calculator found on the home page. You can filter your search by a particular category or merchant, then define what your spending budget is. Frugaa will then filter out the most suitable deals for you.

So, if you’re in the market for a new crib, for instance, you can select the “Baby and Kids” category and choose a budget (i.e., $300) and find deals that are most relevant right away. We’ve seen that it works best for lower cost items such as clothing, though. Frugaa wouldn’t be my first choice for top deals, but they have some unique offers that other sites don’t have.

Frugaa: Coupon Codes, Discounts, Promotions!

Online shopping is an indulgence that many internet savvy folks have tried, and it can be a way of saving money when you can track down the right deals and coupons. And while there are many sites for finding deals and coupons, they all have their quirks that make them right for their users. This new site seems to combine a lot of features you don’t find on all the deal sites, like rewards and badges for every action you do on their website.

And while the Gamification aspect of the site is fun, you may wonder if it actually works well for finding the deals and coupons that you’re looking for? Well, like any site, it relies heavily on user generated data and at the time I tested it – possibly still too early to tell. Which is probably why you really need to try it for yourself to see if the deals you want and the stores you frequent are on there.

How to Get Your Discounts Year Round

As the Christmas lights are unstrung and the leftover champagne bottles from New Years hit the recycling bin, in the world of retail holiday sales have come to a standstill until the next major celebration season of the spring. With Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and then the big Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas craze, the only other time of the year we see incredible opportunities for store-wide savings would be at Best Buy during Super Bowl season. What about our other needs in shopping aside from a big screen TV to watch the game? With holiday sales months away, we need to improvise how we look at shopping and ways to earn discounts on the products we need and love.

What used to be a well-kept secret, but is now, for the most part, general savvy shopper knowledge, is how prominent online savings opportunities have become. There are dozens of voucher and discount websites dedicated to finding shoppers the best sale opportunities online, regardless of the season. Reputable online saving’s sites dedicate their business to relationships with thousands of retailers, and offer minor deal coupon codes for free shipping, all the way to extravagant savings deals like 80% off a purchase. Finding the best sites isn’t easy, but once you find ones with a ton of users and deals that have a good reputation, your savings opportunities are unlimited.

Take the online voucher site,, for instance. By registering with them by email, you get the chance to receive daily or weekly email updates on their biggest coupon, sales, and voucher codes. Registering with their site you simply look through their offers, and redeem your found or purchased codes with the major retailers they support. In addition to Frugga, there are dozens other similar voucher sites on the web; however, be sure they offer reputable and redeemable coupons and read user reviews to be sure you aren’t caught in a scam. For example, your purpose is to save money, not spend money; therefore, any voucher site requiring a monthly membership fee would be one we would walk away from and never look back.


Imagine you can get art supplies and entertainment based merchandise for a fraction of the cost? Whether it’s movie tickets, sporting events, concerts, pottery classes, or merchandise from your favorite television shows, voucher sites can save incredible amounts. Here are some of Frugaa’s 100% successfully redeemed vouchers in the arts and entertainment category.

Save 5% off of NFL 2014-2015 season tickets from
Save 80% off canvas prints at
80% off and Free Shipping at FX Network’s


Nothing can drive up your shopping cart cost like splurging on cutting edge electronics like iPhones, iPads, eReaders, Laptops, cameras, televisions and more. Finding great vouchers and coupon codes to save on these normally high-cost products is key to saving money.

78% off new customer orders at
30% off and free shipping at
3. 62% off select products at


Most shoppers spend the majority of their budget on clothes and impulse items like belts, jewelry, watches, bags, hats, and other accessories. Set a rule for yourself to only shop when you find the best discount codes like these.

20% off at
80% off and free shipping at
45% off items from

This is just a small sample of thousands of deals on online voucher sites that are offered year round, regardless of seasonal sales. Get out there and start exploring, because it’s guaranteed you’ll save at your favorite stores.

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