eBates: Get cash back with a referral code

eBates is one of the most popular online shopping programs for getting cash back today. It’s straightforward to use, too. All you need to do is sign up for a free account, and when you’re ready to buy something online, you go through eBates this is how they make money by the way. In using their link or referral code to the merchant, you’ll get up to 40% cash back just by shopping through eBates.

They’ve also launched an eBates Cash Back Button. This will show you when and where you can get money while buying online.

eBates also now features in-store cash back if you don’t want to buy online. All you need to do is link your credit or debit card, activate the offer you want, and shop. The cash you receive sits in your account until you request a deposit via PayPal or a paper check.

Increase Your Profits When Doing Online Arbitrage with Ebates

Rarely does an offer of ‘free money’ hold water in life as most of us know. Usually, there are 1000 strings attached or small print where you owe that person 500% interest. For FBAers that do a lot of Online Arbitrage looking for every edge in our margins and ultimately increased profits, you need to get on board with Ebates.com if you haven’t already and start earning free money while you source.

What is Ebates?

Ebates is a pretty simple setup concept. By using their ‘affiliate’ link to start your shopping spree, they are willing to offer you a % discount in return off your total for thousands of online stores including Kohls, JCPenney, Home Depot and really most of the major large box stores online. How can they do this? Let’s say Kohls is offering 3% off of your total. Well, Kohls affiliate program is giving Ebates 6% so they’re splitting the difference with you. A win-win scenario for both parties.

Special Offers

The best part of Ebates is when they offer special discounts beyond the normal amounts offered through their program. For example, Kohls normally offers 3% off of your total purchase, not great but hey its free money. This is 3% after you use all of your other coupon codes and discounts. Every so often, Kohls will offer a 6% cash back instead of 3. So, let’s say you already have a 30% off coupon code and then add this 6% on to that. If you’re a savvy Kohls shopper, you take advantage of their Kohl’s Cash offer where you get $10 for every $50 spent. If you found some nice Clearance items online at Kohls with a fair $5 margin BSR BEFORE those discounts were applied, you now have a virtual ATM at your fingertips after the extra 36% discount! This is where the real money is made in online arbitrage.

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