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Brad’s Deals is a great looking site that doesn’t shove offers in your face. It has a clean, accessible layout that allows you to find the best prices on products and services. Like many deal sites, Brad’s Deals finds the best prices for you. But, they have a few things that other places don’t.

First, it’s managed by real people, who do a quick write-up of some of the best deals. That way you know exactly what you’re getting and why it’s such a bargain.

The second thing and the reason we personally love Brad’s Deals are the shopping guides. It’s like choosing a category on other deal sites, but it gives you more direction. For example, this shopping guide helps you find the best TV on any budget by filtering out the top deals and doing a quick write-up on each of the TVs they feature. Instead of just blasting you with a link that gives you 10% off at Best Buy, they are more thoughtful, and directive in helping you make the most educated purchase.

How Brad’s Deals Decreased Turnover by 76% with Reflektive

Since 2001 Brad’s Deals has helped consumers save more than $200 million by connecting them with online discounts. Jessica Adams, Brad’s Deals’ VP of People, was looking to create an ideal employee experience to complement the organization’s customer centricity. She believed that changes were needed to drive employee development and a culture of recognition at the company.

To improve employee development, Jessica knew that she needed to enhance the current performance review process. Brad’s Deals was using spreadsheets for reviews, which made it difficult to:

Track employee progress, because managers were unable to see previous reviews
Change employee behavior and provide the right feedback at the right time due to the infrequent review cadence

Driving a culture of recognition was also a challenge for Brad’s Deals. The company had a manual, paper-based process in which they printed out recognition and placed it on employees’ monitors. Thus, recognition was not widely viewable by the workforce. “Before Reflektive, recognition wasn’t really publicly shared,” said Jessica. “Building a feedback-driven culture was a lot more challenging when everything was done on paper or in spreadsheets.”

The Solution

Jessica selected Reflektive as Brad’s Deals dedicated performance management solution. To improve employee development, she partnered with Reflektive to launch quarterly check-ins, and gave employees the option to have monthly syncs as well. This frequent cadence helps drive more conversations on employee growth opportunities.

What’s more, Brad’s Deals enhanced their check-ins with “shout-outs” and action plans from Reflektive. Within the check-in form, managers can see all of the recognition or “shout-outs” that the employee has received. This added information provides a holistic picture on employee performance, and help eliminate recency bias. “Shout-outs have been instrumental for us as we’re looking to enable the most robust performance conversations,” said Jessica.

The action plans are used after managers and employees discuss goals during their check-in. The employee selects one to three focus areas for the next quarter, and tracks progress with their jointly-created action plan. Jessica added: “With action plans, managers can discuss the best growth opportunities for employees, and give them more ownership over their development.”

To improve the recognition culture at Brad’s Deals, employees share at least six shout-outs for different coworkers. Reflektive’s Slack integration makes it easy to provide recognition in the moment. “With the Slack integration, everyone can see recognition and react to it. It’s worth the 30 or 60 seconds it takes to drive a culture of appreciation here,” said Jessica.

By working where employees work, Reflektive has helped all employees – even busy executives – participate in Brad’s Deals’ recognition culture. “Reflektive’s notifications and reminders have helped me stay on top of things. It’s been so helpful in boosting feedback and recognition for employees,” said Amy Bourne, President and COO of Brad’s Deals.

The Results

By partnering with Reflektive and enhancing their programs for check-ins and recognition, Brad’s Deals achieved powerful business results. Jessica was most excited about the decrease in company turnover — it declined 76%, from 19% in 2016 to 4.6% in 2019. “People don’t want to leave,” Jessica said, “Having an employee-driven performance program has definitely showcased our commitment to our people.”

Employee engagement at Brad’s Deals also increased with Reflektive:

99% are happy they came to work at Brad’s Deals (16% increase)
94% are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their role (19% increase)
96% feel free to tell their manager what they think (16% increase)
91% are proud to work at Brad’s Deals (10% increase)

Alongside improvements in employee sentiment, leaders have observed positive changes in Brad’s Deals’ culture. Per Amy, “There aren’t a lot of HR tools that receive high praise. But Reflektive is so user-friendly that it’s really driving a recognition culture across Brad’s Deals. We’re excited to see what Reflektive comes up with next, and how that can help us continue to drive success for our company and our employees.”

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